How can a pineapple device steal you?

It’s a black box has the size of a cigarette packet with two antennae on top, this is a pineapple device, It resembles no fruit, Although it looks pretty innocuous, it has the ability to spy on every move you do with your computer, according to This is Money.

This £200 pineapple device is designed to imitate the signal of the wi-fi that everyone wish to join, it can trick me into using its internet service rather than the real thing, while I use it to check my emails and surf the net it is tracking everything I do – picking up details I tap in, such as passwords and credit card numbers, which can later be used to rob me blind.

In just a few minutes, The hacker can access to all the contacts on my computer – a goldmine for future phishing expeditions, This is where crooks send out scam emails to try to trick recipients out of cash.

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