Cardiff University to create a new module in Artificial intelligence

Dubai- AI Journalism

Cardiff University is introducing a new module to prepare journalism students for working with AI tools while teaching critical thinking to ward them off over-relying on machine learning, according to “”.

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more commonplace in newsrooms, Cardiff University will be introducing the technology into its syllabus to produce ‘industry-ready journalists’.

From February 2020, students on the MA International Journalism course will learn a new ’emerging journalism’ module where students will use AI-powered tools to identify and report on a breaking news story, as this is becoming standard practice in local newsrooms, like Reach plc.

As well as these practical skills, the module also offers the theory of using this technology for problem-solving.

Former associate editor of, Gavin Allen, now digital journalism lecturer, Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, is one of the tutors the course. He stressed that aspiring journalists need to come to terms with AI, or risk being left behind by its advancements.

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